Top 5 Sport Displays Made Out of Bricks

Posted by Todd Hall on

Deciding the best sport in the world would all depend on the person you talk to. Some would rattle one off before you finished the question, others may wait to respond as if they’re solving the worlds biggest social problems, and others might blow you off with no interest for sports at all. Whoever you might be doesn’t matter though. Here we gathered a list of five unique (sports mocs) that both sport fanatics and sport haters can appreciate. Enjoy these unique and flat out amazing builds.

1. Yankee Stadium by Sean Kenney

Photo Credit: Sean Kenney

Construction of this beauty began in 2006 and lasted the next three years as Sean Kenney worked with a grade schooler every weekend for hours at a time. This build features numerous mini models including vehicles, unique designs in the stands, and even a restroom.

2. Olympic Center Diving Pool Designed by Gary Davis

Photo Credit: Freshnessmag

There aren’t a lot of details out there about this model, but we do know Gary Davis built it to celebrate the 2012 London Olympics.

3. Buffalo Bills Stadium by Ralph Wilson

Photo Credit: NFL

This 20 foot long 3 feet deep replica features more than 30,000 bricks! Built by Ralph Williams, a true Bills fan, he pieced it together in his free time for about 4 years. Talk about dedication.

4. Street Basketball Court by STHLM

Photo Credit: Eurobricks

Sorry we couldn’t gather much information on this build, but hope you enjoy anyways.

5. 2008 Beijing Lego Olympics

Photo Credit: Dailymail

Taking over 300,000 pieces to complete and 4,500 Lego People to populate the masterpiece, this awesome creation was no small feat! It is estimated that the bricks cost about $20,000 and it took hundreds of hours by multiple individuals to put this together.

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