10 Amazing Life Sized Marvel & DC Brick Super Heroes

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This week we are bringing you some of your favorite Marvel & DC super heroes built out of bricks. We hope you enjoy the amazing details included in these models. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.


Fun Facts:
  • Bruce Wayne is worth $7 billion
  • His ears on his costume are weapons, used in only very tight situations.


Fun Facts:
  • In her early years of creation. instead of the common cat costume somewhat similar to Batman's bat costume, Cat Woman would dress as an actual cat.
  • She also was known to dress as an old lady and steal things.

The Hulk

Fun Facts:
  • Originally this green monster was supposed to be gray, but thanks to poor printing capabilities he became green.
  • When Bruce Banner turns into Hulk he has the ability to see ghosts.

Spider Man

Fun Facts:
  • Spider Man almost became played by Michael Jackson at one point, when the star tried to purchase Marvel so he could star as the web slinging hero.
  • The creation of Spider Man was inspired by a fly.
  • Among his super powers is the ability to make perfect pancakes.

    Rocket & Groot

    Fun Facts:
    • Vin Diesel who voiced Groot recorded his lines "I am Groot" and "We are Groot" in over 6 different languages.
    • Rocket was originally named Rocky after the Beetle's hit song "Rocky Raccoon".

    Captain America

    Fun Facts
    • Captain America's name was originally Super American
    • His role in the movies was turned down 3 times by Chris Hemsworth, before he finally chose to accept.
    • At the time of its release the first Captain America comic book issue became so controversial that Marvel headquarters had to surround their facility with armed guards to protect against the haters.

    Iron Man

    Fun Facts:
    • The original design of the suit could lift a whopping 100 tons. 
    • Among his other models, Tony Stark has also built a suit out of the same armor Thor's hammer is made out of. He named the suit The Iron Destroyer.


    Fun Facts:
    • One of Tony Stark's many suit upgrades, this suit has the ability to combat the Hulk as well as lift a whopping 175 tons.


    Fun Facts:
    • Superman gained his super hero ability to fly when animators struggled to make his ability to leap over tall buildings look natural. After some discussion they finally decided that making him fly would look better and from that day forward Superman flew.

    Wonder Woman

    Fun Facts:
    • This Super Heroine has battled many foes, but one of her most unlikely victories came against a God. She won the battle by decapitating the God with her tiara!

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