Bricks in the Wild!

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Builders around the world have been bringing animals to life since the day the building block was invented. Like all art though, as time passes artists capabilities in that style of art progress. Here we are bringing you just a few of the amazing animal sculptures that master builders have put together around the world.


Photo Credit: Treehugger

The humming bird is part of a series called Nature Connect, built by New York artist Sean Kenney.  This series includes more than 20 different sculptures depicting various wildlife. The hummingbird and other Nature Connects statues accumulate to over 3 million bricks. 


Photo Credit: Slate

The Galapagos turtle with a finch on its back features 23,317 bricks. It was built by Evan an assistant to Sean Kenney, and is over 5 feet long!

Photo Credit: Treehugger

Built along with the Nature Connect series, these creations travel the world helping raise awareness for endangered species and other problems that face our animal populations. 

Photo Credit: Marketwired

Most of the Sean Kenney's Nature Connects models, including this lion, are featured in various zoos at different times. 

Photo Credit: Courier Journal

The Snow Leopard is the last of the builds on todays post that is also part of the Nature Connects series. Currently it is on exhibit at the Louisville Zoo from May 10 to September 3, 2018. If you're interested in seeing the Nature Connect series in person you can find out when it'll be near you on Sean's website.


Photo Credit: Careetthoughts

Photo Credit: Wired

The next of our featured animal creations is the 21 foot long great white shark. This model was designed and built by Steve Gerling, a master builder and true artist. 

Photo Credit: Wired

This octopus is also a creation of Steve Gerling's. Although no where near as massive as his shark the unique build of the octopus' curvy tentacles makes this build just as impressive.

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor 

This awesome build is featured at the Gemaldegalerie.

We apologize we could not gather more information on the upcoming animals. We do hope you enjoy though.

Photo Credit: Pxhere

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Building large scale animal replicas like these are no small feat, but with a little imagination everyone has the potential to build something just as amazing. 

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