Brick Mini Models That Will Take Your Creations To The Next Level

Posted by Todd Hall on

We’re bringing this one a little closer to home, literally. Today we are featuring miniature brick furniture and appliances. Unlike the amazing, but huge and nearly impossible to replicate brick projects we’ve talked about in the past, these builds can do more than just inspire. So gather your bricks and feel free to replicate these miniature models to add a little touch of home to your own collection. 


(For some of the models, more detailed instructions or step by step videos are included in the source link. For those of you who may not have the pieces, but really like the model some of the source links will take you right to where you can order your own miniature model).

1. Billards Table


2. Toilet

3. Living Room
4. Water Cooler 
5. Claw Machine
6. Piano
7. Ping Pong Table
8. Stereo
9. Baby Crib
10. Bed
11. Bunk Bed
12. Grandfather Clock
13. Refrigerator 
14. Foosball Table
15. Candy Dispensers
16. Jukebox
17. Air Hockey Table
18. Tool Bench
19. Fish Tank
20. Book shelf

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