10 of The Hottest Super Hero Lego Mosaics

Posted by Todd Hall on

Toy bricks have been used to bring Super Heroes to life for decades. They just go together so well. Its like ice cream and candy, they both bring out the inner child in everyone. Today though we’re featuring some of our favorite Super Hero mosaics. We hope we can help you builders out there find some inspiration for some of your own cool mosaics.

1. Superman

Photo Credit: Imgur

2. Hulk

Photo Credit: Bricklink

3. Wonder Woman

Photo Credit: Lazyop

4. Iron Man

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

5. Lego Marvel and DC Super Heroes

Photo Credit: Comicbricks

6. Captain America

Photo Credit: Kidrobot

7. Thor

Photo Credit: Mightymega

8. Spiderman

Photo Credit: Boxmash

9. Deadpool

Photo Credit: Mosaicbricks

10. Justice League

Photo Credit: Alphapug


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